True Wealth A Drama in Four Scenes
T Sheridan Knowles Great Hibernian Melo-Drama
Speech of Mr Woodbury of New Hampshire in Executive Session on the Treaty for the Reannexation of Texas to the United States Delivered in the Senate of the United States June 1844
From Ocean to Ocean
On the American Scheme of Establishing Colonies of Free Negro Emigrants on the Coast of Africa as Exemplified in Liberia
Mandatory for Armenia Report
Words Reading and Literature and the School as It Was Is and Should Be
Pension Bill 1917 Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on
The Real Motives of the Rebellion the Slaveholders Conspiracy Depicted by Southern Loyalists in Its Treason Against Democratic Principles as Well as Against the National Union Showing a Contest of Slavery and Nobility Versus Free Government Addre
Speech of Elihu Root at Durlands Riding Academy New York October 31 1908 Volume 2
Wars End
Massachusetts Public School System
The Academy Demands for It and the Conditions of Its Success an Address Delivered Before the Associate Alumni of Barre Academy at Their Reunion Barre Vermont 1877
Polly in History-Land
Report of the Committee on Education Relative to the Disbursement of the School Fund to the General Assembly of Louisiana Session of 1870
Speeches by James S Barcus William R Wood Thos J Lindley and E E Hendee Indiana Senate Feb 3 1903 Relating to a Bill for an ACT to Provide a Statue of George Rogers Clark for the National Statuary Hall in the Capitol at Washington DC Appr
The Revolution of 1860 A Speech Delivered by Mr Sickles of New York in the House of Representatives Volume 1
Speech of Mr George Ashmun of Massachusetts in Reply to the Attack of C J Ingersoll Upon Daniel Webster Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U S April 27 1846 Volume 1
The Song of the Bell the Gods of Greece and Other Ballads Paraphrased by A Mills
An Introductory Address to the Medical Class of 73 of the Albany Medical College Union University
What Will the Lords Do?
Bulletin Volume No 22
Wages and Trade in Manufacturing Industries in America and in Europe
Seafaring and Shipping During the Viking Ages
The Way to Avoid the Centre of Our Violent Gales
The Spectra of Sulphur Dioxide
Sermon on the 25th Anniversary of His Settlement as Pastor of the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Taunton
Milk and Cream Contests
The Easy Primer
Chemical Literature an Address Delivered Before the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Montreal August 23 1882
List of Books Relating to Hawaii (Including References to Collected Works and Periodicals)
Historic Cambridge Common
A Tract Upon Tomb-Stones Or Suggestions for the Consideration of Persons Intending to Set Up That Kind of Monument by a Member of the Lichfield Society for the Encouragement of Ecclesiastical Architecture [Signing Himself FEP]
China and Japan Their Similarities and Dissimilarities
Memoir of Hon Charles Doe Late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire
Bacillus Coli Communis
Inaugural Address of Hon WG Ritch President Delivered Before the Society Feb 21 1881 Santa Fe New Mexico
The Lee Mansion What It Was and What It Is
A New System of Phonography
A Sketch of the Life and Services of John Quincy Adams President of the United States of America
The Location Construction and Operation of Hog Houses
A Summer School of Science Vacation Science Courses Edinburg
The Optimism of Butlers
An Appreciation of the Late Christina Georgina Rossetti
The Glory of the Imperfect
The Moral Significance of War a Discourse Delivered in the Baptist Meeting House in Franklin Indi
A Marriage Triumph
An Address Commemorative of Seven Young Men of Danvers
An Easter Offering
A Brief Account of the Fenian Raids on the Missisquoi Frontier in 1866 and 1870
The Founder of Christendom
The Farm Labourer in 1872
The Origin of Ancient Names of Countries Cities Individuals and Gods
The Sandbar Queen a Play in One Act
The Tariff Revenue for the Government and Protection for All Speech in the House April 16
The Early Life of Moltke
The Twentieth Century an Address Delivered Before the Graduating Classes
The Journal of Columbus First Voyage
The Tweed Ring in New York City
The Jewish Colonisation in Palestine Its History and Its Prospects
Series Privilegiorum Imperialium Patri Leodiensi Concessorum
The Haidah Indians of the Queen Charlottes Islands British Columbia
The Numbers and Rosters of the Two Armies in the Civil War
Scribners Private School Primer Containing a Most Interesting Collection of Fac-Simile Pages from Old Family Primers To Which Is Added a New and Useful Selection of Advertising Suggestions Calculated to Strike a Lasting Impression on the Tender
Concession of a Mineral Zone of Four Sections Situated Between the Guayape and Jalan Rivers Made by the Government of Honduras to EA Burke May 28th 1897
Wendell Phillips
Sketch of Bishop Atticus G Haygood
Making a High School Program
Things I Like to Do For Boys and for Girls What Shall I Do Next?
The Drain of Armaments A Series of Tables Showing Their Present Cost Their Growth in Thirty
In Memoriam Frederic Wolters Huidekoper
A Study of the Composition of an Ammonium Phosphomolybdate and the Determination of Phosphorus
Songs of Inexperience
Cautions to Continental Travellers by JW Cunningham
Germ Content of Milk
The Laws Relating to Parish Schools in New Brunswick Together with the Rules and Regulations
Englands Troubles in India a Brief Account of the Province of Bengal and Its Inhabitants by the Widow of an Officer
Bavaria Vetus Et Nova
Table of Elevations Within the Pacific Slope
Report of the Commission Appointed to Treat with the Sioux Indians for the
Select List of References on the Valuation and Capitalization of Railroads Volume 5 Issue 4
The Limitations Upon the Power of the Hebrew Kings A Study in Hebrew Democracy
Year Book of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation Shearith Israel in the City of New York 5668-1908
Report of Commissioner of Sea and Shore Fisheries Volume 33
The Bath Physicians of Former Times
Mechanical Stresses in Transmission Lines
Reply to the Criticisms of James D Dana
A Plea of Liberal Culture
The Political Crisis of 1861 a Reply to Mr Blaine
What Is the Most Effective Organization of the American National Red Cross for War And What Should Be Its Relations with the Medical Departments of the Army and Navy? the Enno Sander Prize Essay
Herod John and Jesus American Slavery and Its Christian Cure
Impressions in and about Portland Maine
SPRR Transit
The Historic Policy of the United States as to Annexation
Wendell Phillips A Eulogy Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of Boston Mass April 18th 1884
The Lovers Hours
Gold and Prices
Address by Hon Wm J McAlpine Before the Chamber of Commerce
Repentance Tower and Its Tradition
Humanitarian Philosophy
The Riley Baby Book Autograph Verses Reproduced in Facsimile
The Sling and the Stone Or What Is Christian Education? a Sermon
The Plague and Peril of Monopoly
Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical Society to the Memory of Their Late Senior Member and Former President the Hon James Savage LL D March 131873
A Sketch Book
The Duty of the American People as to the Philippines
Mr Jacobs a Tale of the Drummer the Reporter and the Prestidigitateur
Annexation of Charlestown and Somerville to Boston
The Geography of New Jersey
A Discourse of the Death of President Harrison
A 20th Century Colony
Adalekok a Magyar Rokonertelmu Szok Ertelmezesehez
Railroad Lands in California and Nevada
An Old Poem on the Mineral Wells at Islington [Islington-Wells by R Ames] Ed by JO Halliwell
Outline of a Practical Course in Child-Rearing
The Critic [Or a Tragedy Rehearsed A Dramatic Piece]
Strawberry Growing
An Index to the Coins and Medals of the Cabinet of the Mint of the United States at Philadelphia
The Knitting Girls Count One a Patriotic Play in One Act
The Simplex Shorthand
The Man of the Future a Drama in Three Acts
A Happy Pair a Comedietta in One Act
Introductory Address on the General Medical Council Its Powers and Its Work
The Annual Address Delivered Before the Maryland Historical Society on the Evening of December 17th 1866
The Two Foundations of St Bartholomews Hospital AD 1123 and AD 1546
Excerpts from Self Reliance
Bulletin Volume 154
Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Monongahela Navigation Company to the Stockholders With Accompanying Documents Volume 42nd
Peace with Dishonour A Speech Delivered in the House of Lords March 31st 1881 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
[Promotions and Appointments Made by the Governor in the New York State Volunteer Regiments Since the Publication of General Orders No 4 of January 31 1865
John Harvard and His Ancestry Part 1
Four Weeks Among Some of the Sioux Tribes of Dakota and Nebraska Together with a Brief Consideration of the Indian Problem
Necrology of New-England Colleges for the Academic Year Ending in 1869
Exhibition of Shakespeariana April 1-May 31 1916
Castor Family Holmesburg Branch
Deitrick The Dutch Recruit
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North-Carolina [Serial] Volume 14th(1830)
The Lessons of the Hour A Discourse Upon the Death of President Lincoln Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Huntington Long Island April 19th 1865
The Athanasian Creed A Plain Tract Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Oration of Hon George W Jones with Other Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Monument to the Memory of Ex-President Andrew Johnson at Greeneville Tennessee June 5th 1878
Draft of Constitution Prepared by the Committee Appointed to Consider and Recommend Amendments Reported to the Society at the General Court Held April 14 1902 and Ordered Printed
Montana Pioneers
Oration Delivered on the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of American Independence at the Request of the Society of Friends of the Revolution in the Capitol in Richmond Virginia
Observations with Reference to the Policy and Increased Expenditure Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Relief for East Tennessee Meeting at Cooper Institute Thursday Evening March 10 1864
Colonization and Missions a Historical Examination of the State of Society in Western Africa as Formed by Paganism and Muhammedanism Slavery the Slave Trade and Piracy and of the Remedial Influence of Colonization and Missions
Expansion Local Self-Government and Equal Taxation The American Policy
Observations on the Laws and Ordinances Which Exist in Foreign States Relative to the Religious Concerns of Their Roman Catholic Subjects
Report of the Louisiana-Vicksburg Park Memorial Commission to the Governor
The Imperishable Perfume with Other Translations from the French and Poems
A Genealogy of Robert Daniell and Some of His Descendants
The Scepticism and Fundamental Errors Establishd in Mr Samuel Clarks Sermons
Three Addresses in Commemoration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Reformation
Heaven Anticipated
A Scientific Money Standard
The Loyalists Ammunition
The Great War Relic Valuable as a Curiosity of the Rebellion Together with a Sketch of My
The Public Lands
Sugar-Cane Culture in the Southeast for the Manufacture of Table Sirup
The Late Cardinal Newman Or Deceiving and Being Deceived
Diss Acad de Arresto Innocuo
The Jews in Russia
The Historical and the Eternal Christ
The Seacoast National Park in Maine Viewed in the Light of Its Relation to Bird Life and Bird Study
For Englands Skas
The Wallabout Prison-Ships 1776-1783
Why the Purchase Clause of the Act of July 14 1890 (Called Sherman Law) Should Be Repealed and Why Free Coinage of Silver Would Be Unjust
Reports Volume 9
Canadas National Policy [Microform] MR C C Colbys Great Speech on Tariff Revision House of Co
The Discovery of the Valley of Virginia by Governor Spotswood
The Development of Notation in Classification
A Manual for Joslins New Solar Telluric Globe Designed for the Use of Families Schools and Academ
Jacques Balmat The First Ascent of Mont Blanc
Faithful Into Death
Lists of Manuscripts Formerly Owned by Dr John Dee
Literary Geography A Bibliography
The Budget Inscribed to the Man Who Think Himself Minister
Personal Notes and Reminiscences of Lincoln
Martin Luther an Address
Orange County a History
Journal Des Operations de LArmee Americaine Lors de LInvasion Du Canada En 1775-76
Spring Morning
Report on Part of the Basin of the Athabasca River North-West Territory 1882-3
The Resurrection Eternal Punishment After Death in the Next World Satan and Hell
The Claudel-Hobson Carburettor Models RAF Z HC7 for Aero Engines Instruction Manual
Historical Society Watertown Massachusetts
Clostridium Botulinum Type C
Antiguos y Modernos Comedia En Un Acto Original Comedia En Un Acto Original
The Servant of Christ A Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford
Antiquities of America The First Inhabitants of Central America and the Discovery of New-England
Sex-Love and Its Place in a Free Society
Was the Shakespeare After All a Myth
Translation of the Chinese Bankruptcy Code of 1905
Elementary Notes on the Reproduction of Angiosperms
Standard Nomenclature and List of Vessels US Navy July 1 1920
Sizing-Up the Crowd
The Crowning of Columbia
William Roscoe An Inaugural Lecture on Election to the Andrew Geddes and John Rankin Chair of Modern History in the University of Liverpool
Soils in the Vicinity of Brunswick Ga A Preliminary Report
The Beginnings of Chicago
An Essay on English Education
Compte-Rendu Volume 5
The Contribution of Boston to American Independence
The Peculiar Features of the Atmospheric Railway System With an Abstract of the Discussion Upon the Paper Excerpt [From The] Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution Civil Engineers
The Philosophy of Evolution Together with a Preliminary Essay on the Metaphysical Basis of Science Two Papers Read Before the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters at the Annual Meetings of February 1873 and February 1874
The Square Egg Being a Cheap Dish for the Times
A Copy of the Correspondence Between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Bank of England Relative to the Renewal of the Charter
An ACT Concerning Corrupt Practices and Elections Caucuses and Primaries with Amendments to Date January 1 1914
Dublin Days
The Personal Character of Dante as Revealed in His Writings
Soils of the Eastern United States and Their Use-- XII the Carrington Loam
Memorials of Deceased Friends of New England Yearly Meeting
The Birth of Freedom and the Present Age
King and Hermit A Colloquy Between King Guaire of Aidne and His Brother Marban Being an Irish Poem
Womans Work for Womans Weal
A Colloquy on the Necessity of Clergy in Government
The Habeas Corpus and Martial Law
A Letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Upon the Claims of the Indians Remaining in the Stat
A Sermon Preached Jan 10 1810 at the Dedication of the Church in Park Street Boston
Slaughter-House Reform in the United States and the Opposing Forces
The Life of Benvenuto Cellini Volume 2
The Ompompanoosuc Parish
A Discourse on the Character and Public Services of DeWitt Clinton Delivered Before the Associaiton
The Design and Construction of a Machine for Testing Commutators and Brushes a Thesis
The Bookbindings of Ralph Randolph Adams An Apprecaition
A Letter to the Archbishop of York
The Merits of Thomas W Dorr and George Bancroft as They Are Politically Connected
The Child of Bristowe
Character of the Southern States of America Letter to a Friend Who Had Joined the Southern Independ
William H Parker (Late a Representative from South Dakota) Memorial Addresses Sixtieth Congress S
An Index to the Pictures and Plans of Library Buildings to Be Found in the Boston Public Library
A Synopsis of the Genus Chlorotettix
The Bingham Genealogy
The State of the Church of England Laid Open in a Conference Between Diotrephes a Bishop Tertullus
An Address Commemorative of the Part Taken by the Inhabitants of the Original Town of Leicester
Speech of the Hon Robert J Walker at the Banquet Given by the Mayor Municipal Authorities of Southampton to M Lewis Kossuth
The Right Moral Influence and Use of Liberal Studies
A Brief Survey of the Great Extent and Evil Tendencies of the Lottery System as Existing in the Uni
The Pains of Memory a Poem
The Dream of Pilates Wife
Anglo-Saxon Sea-Sway and Sonnets for the Hague Conference
[List of Members] January 1906
The Presidents Message 1887 of Grover Cleveland
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 7 No 4
Speech of E A Alger Esq Delivered Before the Democrats of Lowell in Huntington Hall Tuesday Evening September 4 1860
Roster of Members of the Signal Corps U S A 1861-1865 Comprising All Whose Addresses Are Known Arranged Alphabetically and by States and Cities and Towns
The Ivy Leaf A Book of College and Alumnae Poems
The Pentateuch in Its Relation to the Other Scriptures and to the Scheme of Christianity a Sermon
Thesbas Babe
The Roman Satura Its Original Form in Connection with Its Literary Development
The Uses of History an Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society on Its Eighty-Fifth Anniversary Thursday November 21 1889
Celebration in Baltimore of the Triumph of Liberty in France With the Address Delivered on That Occasion by Wm Wirt on Monday October 25 1830
An Address by Wm Preston Johnston
An Address Read Before the Maryland Historical Society on the Centennial of the Siege of Yorktown Va
The Irish Green Book
God in His World
Responsibilities of the Founders of Republics
James Heighe Blake the Third Mayor of the Corporation of Washington
Annual Report of the American Womans Educational Association Issue 4
Moses Viewing the Promised Land
Half-Yearly Report of the London Conference of the Church Held in the City of London May 31st and June 1st [1851]
Ancient History or Annals of Kentucky With a Survey of the Ancient Monuments of North America and a Tabular View of the Principal Languages and Primitive Nations of the Whole Earth
Catalogue Volume V15 PT02
A Reprint in Facsimile of a Treatise Spekynge of Arte Crafte to Knowe Well to Dye Translated Oute of Frenshe in to Englysshe by Willm Caxton
A Study of Decomposition Processes Applicable to Certain Products of Coal Carbonization
The Lesson of St Domingo How to Make the War Short and the Peace Righteous
Address by Charles Nagel Delivered at Sheldon Memorial Hall St Louis Mo on the 23d of January 1915
This Little Booklet Touches on the Inner Life of Washington
The Whole Truth in the Question of the Fire Fiend Between Dr R Shelton MacKenzie and C D Gardette Briefly Stated by the Latter
Canada a Satire
The Progress of Delusion Or an Address to All Parties Exposing the Influence and Effects of Popular Credulity Indolence
Address to the Agricultural Society of Maryland
Fantastic Forts Loads of Ideas for Building Hideaways
The Velocity of Inversion of Sucrose as a Function of the Thermodynamic Concentration of Hydrogen Ion
Synopsis of the Proceedings of the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania (Late Old Residents Association) During the First Five Years
Reports of the American Red Cross Commissions Upon Their Activities in Macedonia Thrace Bulgaria the Aegean Islands and Greece
A Roster of Volunteeer Troops Furnished by the State of Kansas for the Spanish-American War 1898
Reports of the Territorial Treasurer Auditor and Board of Prison Commissioners to the Legislature of the State of Nevada
The Universities and the Churches An Address Delivered at the 31st University Convocation Senate Chamber Albany NY July 5 1893
Report on the Present State of Our Knowledge of Linguistic Ethnology Made to the American Association for the Advancement of Science August 1856
Faithful Pastors Angels of the Churches A Sermon Preached to the Bereaved Flock March 4 1739 on the Lords-Day After the Funeral of the Reverend Mr Peter Thacher of Boston Aetat 62 And Now Printed at Their Desire
The Role of Insects in the Forest
The Geology of the Country Around Attleborough Watton and Wymondham (Explanation of Quarter-Sheet 66 SW)
Proceedings of the Suffolk Bar and Superior Court in Memory of Albert Mason
Queensland Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations
Papers Relating to the Delinquency of Lord Savile 1642-1646
Airs of Palestine A Poem
The Columbian Ode
A Catechism on the Holy Catholick and Apostolick Church
The Charter and By-Laws of the New York Historical Society
Genealogy of the Haines Rogers Austin Taylor Garwood Reich and Hunt Families
The Rift Within the Lute A Play in One Act
An Address to the Landed Gentry of England on the Land Bills Before Parliament
The Southern Rebellion and the Constitutional Powers of the Republic for Its Suppression Volume 2
A Pilgrim Jew A Romance
Miscellany of Verse and Prose
Syllabus of a Course of Experimental Lectures on the Theory of Equilibrium to Be Delivered at the K
A Study of George Washington
The Decomposition of the Feldspars
The Contrast! Professions and Practice of Republican Democratic Statesmen Contrasted
Recreation Uses on the National Forests
The Acts to Amend the Law Relating to the Removal of the Poor
The Rebellion
Atlantic City as a Winter Resort
Texanische Golfkuste
Yosemite Valley
New Legislation for the Church Is It Needed? A Letter to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of All England Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Annual Report of the Town of Atkinson NH Volume 1923
Sketch of the Cities of Boston and Cambridge
Report of the Bank Commissioners Volume Year Ending December 1843
Hospital Bulletin Volume 9 No10
Who Was Thomas Jefferson?
Annual Report of the Town of Atkinson NH Volume 1914
Speech on Oakland Judged from an Eastern Standpoint Delivered in Dietz Hall (Oakland) Nov 30 1875
Letter to the President of the United States
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1863
Modern Science and Natural Religion An Essay Read Before the Church Congress at Brighton and Now Submitted to the Members of the British Association Who Listened to the Presidential Address at Belfast Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Land at Last Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Table of the Representation of Apthorp and Littleton in the New Hampshire Provincial Congress and House of Represntatives 1775-1887
Historical Sketch of Louisiana and the Louisiana Purchase
Standard General Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete
The Seven Calumnies A Discussion Between Father Thos McGovern Roman Catholic Priest of York Pa and P Anstadt Editor of the Teachers Journal On Transubstantiation Purgatory Salvation by Works Infallibility Persecution Political Intrigues
Miss Janie
Descriptive Guide to the Collection of Old Pottery and Porcelain Donated to the Technological Museum by Thomas Handcock Lennard and Martha Lennard
Siam The Need the Opportunity
Short Fed Steers A Comparison of Methods of Feeding
Tried and True
Dr SM Neel the Self-Appointed Moses of the Southern Church Being a Response to Dr Neels Article Entitled Col Youngs So-Called Reply
Your Mission
Justice Perverted
World Shipping Data Report on European Mission
Catalogue and Register of the Fort Wayne Female College
A Key to the Common School Arithmetic Giving Answers to the Examples
The Book of Ruth Introduction Critically-Revised Text Critical Notes Translation and Explanato
Limestone Action on Acid Soils
Color Balance Illustrated
On the Igneous Origin of Certain Ore Deposits
Autogenous Welding of Metals
A Bibliographical Account of the Wisconsin Constitutional Conventions
Best Books on the War
Corn Its Origin History Uses and Abuses
Speech of Hon J S Green of Missouri on the Constitution of Kansas
Annual Address of the President Volume 34
Public Services of Jacob Dolson Cox Governor of Ohio and Secretary of the Interior
List of Reference on Scientific Management as the Basis of Efficiency
Considerations on Engraving
Description of Lands in Lower California for Sale by the International Company of Mexico
Comparative View of the Executive and Legislative Departments of the Governments of the Us
Alexanders Feast Macflecknoe and St Cecilias Day
Speeches of His Grace the Duke of Argyll on the Church Patronage (Scotland) Bill 2D and 10th June 1874 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Painting Instruction Paper
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State State of Montana for the Period Volume 1926
Catalogue of the Officers and Members of the American Antiquarian Society
Emancipated Woman
William Blackstone in His Relation to Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Remarks of Hon Henry C Murphy of Kings County Upon That Portion of the Message of His Excellency Governor Seymour Relating to Arbitrary Arrests Delivered in the Senate March 5 1853
Outline of Departmental Activities of the Committee of Public Safety of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Letter to John L Carey on the Subject of Slavery
Acts and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America In the Year 1801
Humiliation and Hope
A Sermon Delivered Before the Grand Lodge of Free Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts At a Public Installation of Officers of the Corinthian Lodge at Concord in Middlesex County June 25 1798
Rural Development The Liberian Experience
Beitrage Zur Monographie Der Formiciden Des Palaarktischen Faunengebietes (Hym) 7
Constitution of the Naval Order of the United States
Fourmis DAfrique
Speech on Jefferson Davis Delivered at the Reunion U C V Held at Richmond Va June 1 2 3 1915 by Col BW Green of Little Rock Ark
Paper Read at the Winchester Diocesan Conference 4th November 1880 on the Infidelity and Indifferentism to Religion of the Artizan and Humbler Classes in Our Cities and Large Towns at the Present Day And on the Means to Be Taken for Bringing Them Bac
A Quarter Century The Sermon Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church Newark NJ
Views of Beautiful Fort Myer Heights
Picturesque Utica in Photo-Gravure from Recent Negatives
Saving Life at Sea
Report of the State Historian Volume 3
Notes on the Presence of Nitrates in Orchard Soils
Jamestown the Cradle of the United States of America
On Some Words Derived from Languages of N American Indians
Report of Joint Special Committee on the Eastern Avenue
Abnormal Features of American Banking Address
Americas Possible Share in the Economic Future of Russia
Hartwood Politician a Series of Pamphlets Intended to Illustrate the Principles of Political Economy and Public Law
Treatment of Oats for Smut
A Great Man Fallen in Israel The Sermon in St Marys Church Burlington on the Seventh Sunday After Trinity 1850
History of the Ordinance of 1787
Instructions to Special Agents of the General Land Office
Kansas Her Struggle and Her Defense A Discourse Preached in the Plymouth Congregational Church of Chicago Sabbath Afternoon June 1 1846
Illustrated Greetings from Arizona
Oration Delivered at the Centennial Celebration of the Evacuation of Fort Duquesne
To the Whigs of Virginia Volume 2
Addresses at the Installation of John Casper Branner LLD as President of the University Wednesday October 1 1913
Judge Jays Portrait at White Plains
Address Before the Sub-Committee of the Boston School Board Appointed to Consider the Subject of a Reorganization of the Boston High Schools
Plunging a Subject of Bigotry When Made Essential to Baptism
Special Message of the Governor D W C Senter in Relation to Mob Violence
Alpha and Omega (A Little Cluster of Easter Blossoms)
Hymenopterologische Miszellen II
A Lecture on the Manners and Customs of Modern Judaism
The New York State Agricultural College
An Answer to the Questions Why Are You a Federalist? and Why Shall You Vote for Gov Strong?
The Bulletin of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland Volume 5 Issue 3
The Mexican War a Discourse Delivered on the Annual Fast 1847
A Home of the Olden Time Volume 2
The History of the Kentish Petition
The Committee of One Hundred of the Citizens of the District of Columbia
The Constitution of the Society of Sons of the Revolution and By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Society
A Letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford and the Learned Doctors Who Assisted Him on a Late Occasion
The Author of Pearl Considered in the Light of His Theological Opinions
The History of the People of the United States a Review of McMasters History
The Presidents Report to the Board of Regents for the Academic Year Ending September 30 1897 Report of the Treasurer for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30 1897
An Address Delivered on the Opening of the New Engineering Buildings of the University of Edinburgh 16th October 1906
An Address by the Hon Joseph Holt to the People of Kentucky
The Significance of the Great War A Speech Before the Victorian Club of Boston on 8th October 1914
The Bishops Charge Not as It Was But as It Should Have Been by a Protestant
A Dream of Liberty A Drama in One Act
A New Heterotanais and a New Eurydice Genera of Isopoda
The Attack on America
The Path of Progress A Pageant Drama of the Nation
The Duties of Masters and Slaves Respectively
Geological Notes on Some of the Coasts and Islands of Bering Sea Vicinity
Reise Durch Einige Der Mittlern Und Sdlichen Vereinigten Nordamerikanischen Staaten Nach Ost-Florida Und Den Bahama Inseln Unternommen in Den Jahren 1783 Und 1784
Centennial Memorial Serivces of Old Alna Meeting-House Alna Maine
Address Delivered by Hon Allen G Thurman Before the Literary Societies
Reminiscences of Georgetown DC Second Lecture Delivered in the Meth
My Uncle Or Johnnys Box Strange Tales from Humble Life
Kingsweston Hill A Poem the Second Edition with Considerable Alterations
Biennial Report of the Librarian of the Historical and Miscellaneous Department of the State Library
St Paul A Lecture Delivered Before the St George S Church Young Mens Christian Association Mon
Fortifications of Today Fire Against Models of Coast Batteries and Parados
Village Scenes A Canadian Poem
New Lamps or Old? a Few Additional Words on the Momentous Question Respecting the E and the a in the
Norma A Lyrical Tragedy in Three Acts
Speech of Mr Joseph Segar (of Elizabeth City and Warwick) on the Wilmot Proviso
A Letter Addressed to the REV RW Jelf DD Canon of Christ Church In Explanation of No 90 I
Blanc Mont Meuse Argonne Champagne
History of Asbury Park and Long Branch
Thomas Taylor the Platonist 1758-1835 A List of Original Works and Translations
Operations of the French Navy During the Recent War with Tunis
Dead Language and Dead Languages with Special Reference to Latin An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Bef
Reglamento del Cuerpo Consular Mexicano Con Sus Aclaraciones y Reformas Refundidas En Su Texto
Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd Member of Company D Terrys Texas Rangers
History the Chenoweth Family Address of Captain William H Cobb 8th Reunion of the Family
The Lions Masquerade A Sequel to the Peacock
The Art of Angling For Beginners
Ode Inscribed to John Howard
Indirect Benefits of Sugar-Beet Culture Letter from and Data Prepared
Extracts from Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Grand Army of the Republic
Fifty Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Outlines of Logic An English Translation of Trendelenburgs Elementa Logices Aristoteleae
Mesabi Iron Range of Minnesota A Bibliography
Greek-English Word-List Containing about 1000 Most Common Greek Words
Line Fishing
Womens Suffrage from a Masculine Standpoint
Election by Lot the Only Remedy for Political Corruption
Gifts of the Holy Spirit to the Church A Sermon Preached in Addington Church
Address of the Peoples Club of Philadelphia in Favor of Gen Simon Cameron
Speech of Hon John Bell of Tenn on the Subject of Non-Intervention Delivered in the Senate of T
The Kings Treatment of the Queen Shortly Stated to the People of England
Extinction of Villenage and Slavery in England With Somersets Case
Eulogy on the Death of Abraham Lincoln
The Defective in Jewish Law and Literature A Paper Read Before the New York Board of Jewish Minist
The Authorship of the Quatre Lettres DUn Bourgeois de New-Heaven Published in Mazzeis Recherches Historiques Etc
The California Manufacturer and Eastern Competition
The Claims of Caesar
The Gilly of Christ
The Army Its Employment During Time of Peace and the Necessity for Its Increase
The Formative Period in Colbys History
The Citrus and Fruit Belt of Southern Arizona
The Charter of the City of Grand Junction Colorado Framed by the Charter Convention August 6 1909
An Account of the Centennial Ccelebrations at Princeton NJ June 27th 1867 and January 3D 1877
The Relation of Fertilisers to Soil Fertility
The French Voyageurs to Minnesota During the Seventeenth Century
The Intra-Uterine Growth-Cycles of the Guinea-Pig
The Rich Mentality
An Ode on the Peace
The Canadian Manufacturers Association [Microform]
The Climate of Arizona Read Before the American Climatological Society at Lakewood N J May 13th 1896
An Address Commemorative of Seven Young Men of Danvers Who Were Slain in the Battle of Lexington Delivered in the Old South Meeting House in Danvers on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Battle with Notes
The Broads 1919
The Importance of the Proof-Reader A Paper Read Before the Club of Odd Volumes in Boston
An Epitome of the Diagnosis of Nervous Diseases Including Bromide Therapy
The Commercial and Technical Relations of Engineering Design and Work
The Seminary Its Spirit and Aims
On the Necessity for Defenses on Coast and at Sea Speech of Hon Samuel S Cox of New York in Th
The Conquest of the United States by Spain A Lecture Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale Uni
Informe Dirigido a Su Gobierno Por El Delegado de Bolivia
Evolution and Its Consequences A Reply to Professor Huxley
The Mission Work of St Paul Being the Ramsden Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge
The Bible Woman Strange Tales from Humble Life
Gen Cowdin and the First Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers
Ueber Die Herkunst Der Kabiren Und Uber Einwanderungen Aus Sudpalastina Nach Bootien
Deuteronomy the Words of Moses on the Plains of Moab
Songs of the West
High Albania and Its Customs in 1908
History and Enrollment
Notes on the Chilula Indians of Northwestern California
First Annual Meeting
Shakespeare and Germany
Croces Aesthetic
Interim Report of the Departmental Committee on Tuberculosis
Monograph on the Old Franciscan Mission Santa Barbara California
Clontraf an Irish National Drama
Historical Sketch of the Fifteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers First Brigade First Division
The Charter and By-Laws of the New York Historical Society Volume 2
Home Economics A Study Outline
The History and Method of Growing Plants in Paper Bands and Pots
The Present Crisis a Speech Volume 2
The Declaration of Independence 1776
A Christmas Reverie
The First House in Scottsville
The Bridal of Strabane And Other Poems
A Sermon Delivered in the Second Congregational Church Norwich on the Fourth of July 1834 at the Request of the Anti-Slavery Society of Norwich Connecticut
The Character and Influence of American Civilization
The Royal Disallowance in Massachusetts
A Theologian Looks at Urban Missions
The Philosophy of the American Rebellion
The Crisis and What It Demands! Speech of Hon T Polk of Missouri Delivered in the Senate of the United States January 14 1861
The Confiscation Laws of Massachusetts
The Carnation to the Honourable Miss Grace Pelham a Poem Upon Her Marriage to the Honourable Lewis Watson
The Microscopical Examination of Flour
The Preservation of the Exterior of Wooden Buildings
A Dream of Heaven and Other Poems
An Oration Delivered Before the Irving Lyceum at the Smithsonian Institution on the Evening of July 3 1855
A Few Poems
The Colored American Working Man of the New Time an Address Delivered Before the State Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race at Greensboro NC May 26 1898
The Rivals A Romance of the Civil War
An Appeal for Rectitude in Primary Politics
A Trip to Niagara
Long-Bell Creosoted Yellow Pine Fence Posts Barn Poles and Floor Blocks
Occasional Stanzas Written at the Request of the Revolution Society and Recited on Their Anniversa
Valedictory Address of L H Jones Superintendent of Instruction of the Cleveland Public Schools Delivered Saturday September 6 1902 in Grays Armory Cleveland O
A Retrospect of Fifty Years A Discourse
A New Analogy for Determining the Distances of the Planets from the Sun and the Satellites from Their Primaries by the Author of a New Introduction to the Mathematics
Waste and Correct Use of Natural Gas in the Home
Two Diseases of Red Cedar Caused by Polyporus Juniperinus N Sp and Polyporus Carneus Nees A Prelimanary Report
On the Sclerotic Ring of the Eyes of Birds and Reptiles
Address by CA Prouty Before the Associated Industries of Massachusetts at Boston Mass February 2 1920
A Scratch Race A Comedy in One Act
Suggestions Concerning the Railroad Problem
Sulle Sventure Di Mantova Verona E Venezia Sotto Il Giogo Dellaustria Lamentazioni del Sacerdote
Tables for Earthwork Computation
The Royal Primer Or an Easy and Pleasant Guide to the Art of Reading Authorizd by His Majesty King George II to Be Used Throughout His Majestys Dominions Adornd with Cuts
Report Volume 1881
Memoirs Chemical Series Volume 7 No 5
Washoe Revisited
Memoirs Botanical Series Volume 4 No3
Who Is the Criminal?
Shakespeariana A Critical and Contemporary Review of Shakespearian Literature Volume 3 No30
Orthodox Theories of Prayer
Practice in Parsing and Analysis
Naval Vessels Special (A-Hope) Pamphlet Collection]
The Birth and Growth of Science in Medicine Being the Harveian Oration Delivered Before the Royal
To the Annual Conference at Harrisonburg Virginia
Discoveries a Volume of Essays
A Letter on Infant Baptism Addressed to Christian Parents by a Father
A Chart of Family Inheritance According to Orthodox Moohummudan Law With an Explanatory Treatise
Luiz de Camoes Ses Oeuvres Et Sa Litterature Catalogue DUne Nouvelle Collection Importante DEdit
Bundle of Myrrh Thanksgiving Sermon Preached Nov 28 1850 at Newbury First Parish
Songs and Their Singers From Punch
A Sermon Preached at Princeton (Massachusetts) April 8th 1798 And Occasioned by the Death of Madame Rebecca Gill Consort of His Honor Moses Gill Esq Lieutenant-Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Revision of the British Species of Phycitidae and Galleridae
Journal of the Particular Transactions During the Siege of Quebec at Anchor Opposite the Island
A Modern School
Theodore Roosevelt the Man Some Memories of the Greatest American of His Time Reprinted from a Series of Articles Published in the New York Evening Mail January 6 to 11 1919
The Sword of Old St Joe Historical Sketches
First Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Veteran Association Volume 1
William Uhler Hensel An Appreciation
Table of PH H and Oh Values Corresponding to Electromotive Forces Determined in Hydrogen Electrode
Conscience An Ethical Essay
A Brief History of the New England Historic-Henealogical Society
Human Analysis Classification of Human Beings in the Order of Their Biological Evolution
The Witmer Formboard
Circular from the General Land Office
Flax Culture for the Seed and the Fiber
The Conscription Also Speeches of the Hon WD Kelley of Pennsylvania In the House of Representa
The Boy Scouts Good Turn
Antoine Ouilmette A Resident of Chicago AD 1790-1826
The Peoples of the Philippine Islands
An Oration Commemorative of the Character of Thomas Jefferson
A Scale with Sharps and Flats
Abide with Me
Massachusetts Agricultural College a Descriptive and Historical Sketch
Christmas Roses
The Pilgrim and the Cavalier in Kansas
Neophonography A Method of Short Swift Scientific and Easy Alphabetic Writing
Statement No 1 The Swastika
An Address by REV Carlton A Staples
A Letter to Edmund Burke Occasioned by His Speech in Parliament February 11 1780
The Long Parliament Dissolved
Journal of a Missionary Tour in 1808
The Present Age
The Glad World and Other Songs
Entwickelung Franzosischer Orts Und Landschaftsnamem Aus Gallischen Volksnamen Die
The Passing of the Confederate
A Discourse Shewing That Protestants Are on the Safer Side Notwithstanding the Uncharitable Judgment of Their Adversaries And That Their Religion Is the Surest Way to Heaven
The Little Pottery Objects of Lake Chapala Mexico
The Limts of Lay Responsility and Privilege
The English Language and Its History
The Reciprocity Treaty with Hawaii Some Considerations Against Its Abrogation with Official Docume
The Claims of the Ministry on Strong Men
A Synopsis or General View of the Works of Plato
The One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the Third Church
The Derbys of Salem Massachusetts
An Orthographical Vocabulary
The Workmens Compensation Law of New York State 1913
The City of Watertown
A Lecture on Vaccination Against Cholera
The Boyhood of Lincoln
A Pan-Anglican Synod
The Resolvents of Konig and Other Types of Symmetric Functions
The Question of the Seigniorial Tenure of Lower Canada Reduced to a Question of Landed Credit
A Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and Arranging the Books and Pamphlets of a Librar
The Influence of Social and Sanitary Conditions on Religion
A Genealogical Account of the Noyes Family
The University of Chicago in 1921
An Oration Delivered at Windham Centre Greene Country NY July 4 1859
The War and How to End It
The Ground of Christian Discipline Briefly Explained And the Necessity of the Influence of Heavenly
A Short Treatise on the Compound Steam Engine
The Task Bbefore Us
The Evolution of Psychic Healing
The Soul of Thetrenches
The Roman Monetary System
An Analysis of the Interpretations of the Finnsburg Documents
The New Order of Sainthood
The United States and the Establishment of the Republic of Brazil
The Value of Higher Education An Address to Young People
The Staging of Lope de Vegas Comedias
The Battle of Lake George (September 8 1755) and the Men Who Won Iit
The Poem of the Fall of Man
A Liberty Catechism
The Meaning of a University An Inaugural Address Delivered to the Students of University College
The Right to Property in an Idea
The Life and Public Services of Andrew S Draper
The Descendants of Thomas Elwell of Westhampton
A Genealogical Memoir of the Leonard Family
A View of the Present Situation of the Western Parts of the State of New York
The Molecular Rearrangement of Symmetrical Bis-Triphenylmethylhydrazine
The Strength of Being Morally Clean
The Crown or the Tiara? Considerations on the Present Condition of the Waldenses
The Watchman Warned a Sermon
The Chronology of Benjamin Franklin Founder of the American Philosophical Society
A Review of Our Present Knowledge of the Molluscan Fauna of Michigan
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 15 Issue 7
A Funeral Discourse Delivered August 26th on Occassion of the Death of Major Thomas Rowland a Ruling Elder in the 2D Presbyterian Church of Detroit Who Dies on the 13th August 1849
The Astrologers Vade-Mecum Or a Complete System of Prognostication from the Influence of the Stars
The Coal Strike Panama Philippines and Cuba
The Governors Message Reviewed in the Senate Jan 28
The Relation of Forests to Farms
The Sullivan Road
An Appeal to the People of Massachusetts on the Texas Question
A Biographical Sketch of William Franklin Volume 1
A Visit to the St Bernard in May by a Lady
The Vital Statistics of an Apache Indian Community
An Oration in Honor OfGeorge Clinton May 19 1812
A Letter [Signed Clerus Anglicanus] to the Editor of the Edinburgh Review [In Reply to an Article on Todds Life of Cranmer]
The Depredation at Pemaquid in August
A Sermon Preacied Sept
A Physiological and Chemical Study of After-Ripening
The Calendar Plant of China the Cosmic Tree and the Date Palm of Babylonia
A Commemorative Discourse Preached at the Funeral of Thomas W Lockwood
The Ladies of Lovel-Leigh Volume 3
A Rough Hand-List of the Library of the Huguenot Society of London
The Nationalisation of the Land
The Society the Seminary the College
The Japanese Family
The Christening Cake a Ballad
A Discourse Delievered Before the Virginia Historical Society at Their Eighth Annual Meeting December 14 1854
A Remembraunce of the Life Death and Vertues of the Most Noble and Honourable Lord Thomas Late Earle of Sussex Who Deceased at Barmesey the 11th of June 1583
The Fugitive Slave Law in Wisconsin with Reference to Nullification Sentiment
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 18 Issue 5
A Sermon [On 1 Cor I 21] Preached at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Hereford
A Discourse Delivered Before the New England Society in the City of New York
The Birmingham Free Libraries
The Wrights Chaste Wife or a Fable of a Wryght That Was Maryde to a Pore Wydows Dowtre The Whiche Wydow Havyng Noo Good to Geve with Her Gave as for a Precyous Johelle to Hym a Rose Garlond The Whyche She Affermyd Wold Never Fade While She Kept T
The Great Danger of Covenant-Breaking Being
A Plain Path-Way Opened to the Simple Hearted and an Answer to All Doubts and Objections Arising in Them Against the Inward Appearances of Divine Light and Truth Which Have Kept Many from Obedience and So from Peace to Their Panting Souls
The Government of the South by the Plain People
The Camp on Hamdon Hill
The Psychology of Manual Training
A Letter to REV Leonard Bacon Part 4
A Plan for Child Training
An Address on the Life and Character of the Late Richard H Menefee
The Confession of Faith Covenant and Principles of Discipline and Practice of the Union Church in Groton Mass
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 27 Issue 4
The Geography of Middlesex
The Crisis--Slavery or Freedom
The Life of General Putnam
An Address Delivered at South Deerfield August 31 1838 on the Completion of the Bloody Brook Monument Erected in Memory of Capt Lothrop and His Associates
The Duties of Teachers An Address Delivered Before the Associate Alumni of the Merrimack Normal Institute First Annual Meeting Sept 4 1850
Electrolytic Determinations and Separations with the Use of a Rotating Anode
The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy A Poem
A Few Words on the Finances Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Memoir of Stephen Colwell Read Before the American Philosophical Society
The Barbarism of Slavery Speech of Hon Charles Sumner on the Bill for the Admission of Kansas as a Free State in the United States Senate June 4 1860 Volume 1
An Address Delivered at the Democratic Whig Festival Volume 1
A Talk on the Psalms
An Address to the Freemen of Rhode-Island
An Oration Delivered Before the Transylvania Whig Society February 22d 1835
A Letter from Oxford Concerning Mr Samuel Johnsons Late Book
American English A Paper Read Before the Albany Institute June 6 1882 with Revision and Addition
The Sanitary Conditions and Necessities of School-Houses and School Life
The Real Chickamauga
A Sketch of the Pre-Shakespearian Drama
The Rubber Industry in the Territories of Manica and Sofala
The Queen of Carminia
A Letter to Adam Smith on the Life Death and Philosophy of His Friend David Hume
What Is at Stake in the War
Ethics and the Larger Neighborhood
As Good as Gold
Politische Entwickelung Babyloniens Und Assyriens Die
Four Weeks Among Some of the Sioux Tribes of Dakota and Nebraska
Documents Diplomatiques Negociations Pour La Paix Entre LEspagne Et Les Etats-Unis 1898
The Bay State Forty-Fourth A Regimental Record
Society of Colonial Wars
The Descent from the Cross A Poem Delivered in Hartford October 28 1841
Time and History in Contemporary Philosophy with Special Reference to Bergson and Croce
Soils of the San Luis Valley Colorado
The Vailan or Annular Theory A Synopsis of Prof IN Vails Argument in Support of the Claim
Admirals All and Other Verses
Rules and Regulations Fo the Insane Asylum of California Prescribed by the Resident Physician Augu
To Neutral Peace-Lovers A Plea for Patience
Origin and History of the Joslin Family
Some Belding Genealogy Being Some of the Descendants of Richard Belding of Staffordshire England
Letter to an Assistant Barrister on Unexhausted Tillages and Manures Under the Land ACT
Jeunesse de Favart La
Chemical Geology
States vs Territories a True Solution of the Territorial Question
The State of the Country An Oration
Insects Injurious to Stored Grains and Their Ground Products
The Influence of Sulphur on the Color of Azo Dyes
The Coronation of Winter A Discourse Delivered at Amherst College and Mount Holyoke Seminary Soon
How to Tell Bible Stories to Jewish Children
The Early History of the Congregational Church and Society of North Branford Delivered in the Con
This Misery of Boots
The Angel Over the Right Shoulder or the Beginning of a New Year
The Principles of Menu Making
Market Potential for US Agricultural Commodities in Select Mideastern and North African Countries
Halleys Comet An Evening Discourse to the British Association at Their Meeting at Dublin Septe
Masks and Acting
The Benefits Which Society Derives from Universities An Address
Psychological Aspects of the Problem of Atmospheric Smoke Pollution
Brief Explanation of Some Philosophical and Other Instruments Placed in the United States Division of the Industrial Exhibition of All Nations Hyde Park London By J Ericsson
Historical Address on the Occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary
The Erie Canal Its Origin Its Success and Its Necessity
The Amores of Ovid a Lecture Delivered in the Hall of Corpus Christi College on Tuesday June 11 1912
Anglo-Canadian Copyright
The Poet Li Po AD 701-762
A Glimpse of the United States Military Telegraph Corps and of Abraham Lincoln
Eigenart Der Biblischen Religion Die
Anomalous Osmosis with Gold Beaters Skin Membranes and the Relation of Osmosis to Cell Potential
On the Relation Between the Radioactivity and the Composition of Thorium and Uranium Minerals
The Cocoanut with Reference to Its Products and Cultivation in the Philippines
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Hon Thomas Allen in the First Church Pittsfield Mass April 11 1882
A Preliminary Study of the Distribution Food and Reproductive Capacity of Some Fresh-Water Amphipods
A Report of Progress 1874-1889-Z
The Historic Muse of Mount MacGregor One of the Adirondacks Near Saratoga
A Charge Delivered Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Sketch of the Changars and of Their Dialect
Key to Hunters Introduction to the Writing of Precis or Digests Giving the Required Abridgments of All the Exercises in That Treatise
Education Through Experience A Four Year Experiment in the Ethical Culture School
A Communication from the City Physician on Asiatic Cholera
A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Members of the Church from the Bishops Assembled in General Convention1835
A Critical Edition of Some of Chaucers Minor Porms
A Century Sermon
A Few Words in Reply to Some Remarks Upon the Present System and Management of Eton School
The Church of the Living God A New Years Sermon Preached by Reverend Charles F Russell at Weston Mass on Sunday January the Second Nineteen Hundred and Sixteen
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 82 Issue 6
Captain Tollemachs Journal of the Proceedings of HMS Scorpion June 21 1775-September 18 1775
Liability of the Government of Great Britain for the Depredations of Rebel Privateers on the Commerce of the United States Considered
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 12 Issue 7
The Answere of Adam
Routes to Indian Agencies and Schools with Their Post Office and Telegraphic Addresses and Nearest Railroad Stations
An Appeal in Behalf of Louisiana
An Historical Discourse
A Century of Presidents of the United States from George Washington 1789 to Benjamin Harrison 1889
A Difference of Opinion Concerning the Reasons Why Katharine Winthrop Refused to Marry Chief Justice Sewall
The Ants of Casco Bay Maine with Observations on Two Races of Formica Sanguinea Latreille
A Discourse Delivered in Harvard Church Charlestown July 14 1839 on Taking Leave of His Society
An Address to the Citizens of Philadelphia on the Subject of Slavery
A Letter to the REV Henry Hart Milman MA Reputed Author of a History of the Jews in the Fifth Sixth and Ninth Volumes of the Family Library Deprecating the Republication of That Work
An Introductory Lecture Delivered in the University of Maryland
A Legal View of the Seizure of Messrs Mason and Slidell
A Discrouse Delivered on Sabbath Evening
An Address to the Anit-Slavery Christians of the United States Volume 2
A Letter from a Minister in the Country to a Member of the Convocation
A Letter to the Right Hon Sir John Coleridge Visitor of the House of Mercy Ditchingham Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Critical Attitude of the French Mind
A Brief Memorial of Philip Marett
The Survey-Idea in Country-Life Work
The Way of the Children of Jesus
The Answers
The Annual Report of the Association for the Care of Coloured Orphans
An Outline of the True Sect of Buddhism
Fragment of Aelfrics Translation of Aethelwolds de Consuetudine Monachorum and Its Relation to Other Mss
The Alamo a Patriotic Address Dedicated to the Memory of Our Fallen Heroes
Score Card for City School Buildings
To the Right Honovrable the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament The Humble Advice of the Assembly of Divines Sitting at Westminster Concerning a Shorter Catechism
The Old Markets of New Brunswick
Christ the Only Foundation A Sermon Delivered at the Dedication of the Church-Edifice in Court Street Erected by the Third Congregational Society in New Haven December 7 1841
The Doctrine of the Atonement Considered Especially in Reference to Recent Objections
Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Association of Trustees Superintendents and Matrons of County Asylums for Chronic Insane of Wisconsin
The Entertaining History of Tommy Gingerbread A Little Boy Who Lived Upon Learning
The Pretenders Flight Or a Mock Coronation with the Humours of the Facetious Harry Saint John a Tragi-Comical Farce Being the Sequel of the Earl of Mar Marrd by Mr Philips
Second General Announcement
Further Railway Convention Between the Orange Free State and the Cape Colony
The Burning of the Amazon
English Reprints [No 1-30] Volume 5
Catalogue of Historical Fiction in the Library
What Is a Liberal Education An Address
Immigration Laws and Regulations August 1903
Membership Roll May 1891
Annual Report - University of Saskatchewan Volume 1920-1921
Tides a Book of Poems
Haymarket Theatre A Short History of the School for Scandal the Rivals and She Stoops to Conquer
Remarks of Hon Daniel Webster in the Senate of the United States June 17 1850 Together with Mr Websters Letter to Robert H Gardiner Esq and Other Citizens of Maine Volume 2
Geological History of the Yellowstone National Park
The United States and the Expansion of the Law Between Nations
The Use of Commercial Fertilizers in Growing Carnations
Sharon Massachusetts the Healthiest Town in New England Volume 1
Marketing Boundary Lines Between Texas and New Mexico and Oklahoma
Lincolns First Love
Veto Messages of His Excellency John Sparks Governor of the State of Nevada Legislature of 1903
Fertilizing Tobacco
Sir William Fergusson Bart A Biogr Sketch
Petroglyphs of Saint Vincent British West Indies
Relation of Sectioning a Class to the Effectiveness of Instruction
Portrait of Washington
Channel Tunnel Great Speech in the House of Commons 1888
Reply of Mr Waite Counsel of the United States to the Argument of the Counsel of Great Britain Upon the Special Question as to Supplies of Coal in British Ports to Confederate Ships
The Proposed British North American Confederation Why It Should Not Be Imposed Upon the Colonies by Imperial Legislation
Disclosures of a German Staff Officer The Letter of Paul Ehrhardt Merchant Soldier and Spy
Modern Bath Rooms With Useful Information and a Number of Valuable Suggestions about Plumbing for Home Builders or Those about to Remodel Their Present Dwellings
Joseph K F Mansfield Brigadier General of the US Army
Educational Journalism an Address Before the New York State Teachers Association at Its Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting Saratoga Springs August 7 1881
The Abolitionist
Cornerstone Club Cook Book
Prize Medal Essay Contest by the High School Scholars and Schools of Equal Grade of the State of Missouri
Yarico to Inkle An Epistle
A New System of Reading
The Old Maid a Comedy in Two Acts
Law and Regulations Concerning Documentary and Proprietary Stamps Under the Act of June 13 1898
Inauguration of Ethelbert Dudley Warfield as President of Miami University
Essays on Asylums for Inebriates
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 10 Issue 2
At Stratford Festival A Poem
Woman Suffrage Or the Child-Bearing Woman and Civilizatio
The Indians in the Woods
Illustrations of African Lycaenidae Being Photographic Representations of Type Specimens Contained
Mechanical Maneuvers
Historical Address Delivered in Monticello Illinois June 27 1855 at the Seventeenth Anniversary
American Courts in China
The Husking Bee
Bacon or Shakespeare an Historical Enquiry
An Address Delivered on the Consecration of the Worcester Rural Cemetery September 8 1838
Historical Address Delivered in the First Congregational Church in Stamford
Cambridge Against Belmont
The Track Accounts of Railroads and How They Should Be Kept
A Few Facts Respecting the American Colonization Society and the Colony at Liberia
Folie Tristan La An Anglo-Norman Poem
The Lure O the Line
The Stone Hammer and Its Various Uses
The Evolution of Democracy
The Fruit of the Homeless Life The Samannaphala Sutta
Uber Den Animus Im Recht Des Besitzes Der Romer
A Bunch of Roses
A Sermon Preached in Park Street Church on the Sunday Succeeding the Death of Daniel Webster
The Newspaper Press as a Power Both in the Expression and Formation of Public Opinion
The Southern States Hardened Until Ruined a Sermon Preached in Salem on Fast Day April 13th 1865
A Remedy for Industrial Warfare
Primary Segments of the Vertebrate Head Preliminary Paper
A Primer of the Peace Movement
The Divinely Prepared Ruler
The Original Order of Nature Our Model and the Spirit of God Our Guide in the Work of Education
The Religion of St Augustine Extracts from the Writings of That Father
Irrigation and Drainage Investigations of the Office of Experiment Stations US Department of Agriculture
A Sermon Delivered at Shrewsbury
The Historical Method in the Study of Religion
A Directory of the Kansas Historical Exhibit in the Kansas State Building
How to Study Effectively
The Gyroscope References to Books and Magazine Articles
Coming of the Loyalists
The Voice of the Wildflowers A Fantasy
A Sermon on the Present National Troubles Delivered in the Winter Street Church January 4 1861
The Trustee
A Poem Entitled Lucys-Pony
The Career and the Words of Washington Address of Hon Oscar W Underwood of Alabama Delivered at the Annual Banquet of the State Society of the Cincinnati Held in Philadelphia Pa on Washingtons Birthday February 22 1912
A Garden of Yesterday
The Public Interest Involved in the Cornell Forestry Experiment
The Randolph Epistles Volume 2
The Changes of Earth a Poem
An Address Delivered Before the MD State Agricultural Society at Its Annual Exhibition at Baltimore
The Voice of the Muse
The Usurer in Elizabethan Drama
The Vegetable Brownies on a Frolic
An Oration Delivered in Brattleborough July 4th--1811
The Picture That I Saw
The Rebuke of Secession Doctrines Volume 2
The Lighting of the Christmas Tree
An Address Delivered at Chester Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Toiling of Felix A Legend on a New Saying of the Christ
The Pick of Oakham
A Memoir of George Chambers of Chambersburg Late Vice-President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Wilson Original Lace Book With Half-Tone Illustrations Complete Instructions for the Reproduction of Each Design
A Brief History of the First Church in Sutton Mass Contained in a Sermon Preached Jan 2D 1842
Defense of Rumselling Or a Peep Behind the Curtain Among the Wires
The Gates of Righteousness and the Blessedness of Entering Into Them a Sermon
The Isthmian Routes
A Discourse Delivered Before the New England Society in the City of New-York December 22 1851
A Suggestion for a British Decimal Currency and Decimal System of Accounts
Nathan Hale a Poem Delivered Before the Alumni Association of Columbia College October 27 1858
Songs and Odes
An Indexed Catalogue of Books in the Department of Local History and Genealogy
Political Achievements of the Earl of Dalkeith
Priestcraft Defended A Sermon Occasioned by the Expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University at Oxford for Praying Reading and Expounding the Scriptures
Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society Volumes 21-22
Addresses of the Commencement Exercises of Cooper Medical College November 1886
The Country Library Versus the Donor and the Architect
The Presidents Report to the Board of Regents for the Year Ending June 30 1876
A Letter to the Lords Temporal and Spiritual of Her Majestys Realm On the Present Relation of Church and State Its Perils and Safeguards
Assurdi Ed Incoerenze Dellarticolo 351 del Codice Penale
Report of JJ Williams Chief Engineer Upon the Location of the Tehuantepec Railway and Carriage Road Across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec with the Map and Profiles as Approved by the Government of Mexico July 1st 1870 And His Report on the Subject of
Imperial Ship Canal from London to Portsmouth Mr Cundys Reply to Anonymous and Other Authors of Malignant Abuse and Misrepresentation on His Projected Line
Official Correspondence Regarding the Existence of Coal and Iron in the Punjab
The King of the Jingoes a Transformation Play by Virtus
Census of Manufactures 1914
The Osmotic Pressure of Cane Sugar Solutions at
Flowers of the French Riviera
How Little Cedric Became a Knight
The Brothers An Eclogue
Why Am I a Jew? IDiscourse Delivered Before Sinai Congregation Chicago1895
Roosevelt Night Middlesex Club
LAbbe Jean Holmes Et Ses Conferences de Notre-Dame Etude Litteraire Et Biographique
Argument of Fred H Williams
The Art of the Spoken Word
The First Five Hundred Days of a Childs Life V Language
The Administration and the Opposition
An Outline of the Development of the Internal Commerce of the United States 1789-1900
A Collection of Acts of the Imperial Parliament Affecting the Constitution of New Zealand
Remarks on the Late Miracle in a Letter to Doctor Doyle
Letters of the Hon Joseph Holt the Hon Edward Everett
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese and Jurisdiction of Gibraltar
The Felsitic Lavas of England and Wales with an Introductory Description of the Chief Characters of This Group of Rocks
Libretto of Mefistofele Opera in Four Acts
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry Volume 7 Issue 6
Hampshire Water-Colours
Souvenir of the Better Farming Special Boston Albany Railroad March 30 31 April 1 2 1910
Speech of Hon William D Kelley in the Northrop-Kelley Debate Delivered in the Hall of the Spring Garden Institute on Thursday Evening September 29 1864
Slaveholding Not Sinful
When the Fates Decree
Proceedings of a Council of War Held at Burke Jail Georgia January 14th 1779 with a Narrative of the Subsequent Proceedings and the Proclamation Issued by Lieut Col James Ingram
Sketch of MDonald Clarke the Mad Poet
Smith the Aviator A Comedy
Suggestions for Rural Schools
Stay in the High School and Go to College
What the Public Schools of Indiana Are Doing in Prevocational Agricultural Work
Speech for Connecticut Being an Historical Estimate of the State Volume 1
To the People of the Congressional District Composed of the Counties of Fayette Woodford and Clarke in Kentucky Volume 1
Uncle Si A Comedy in Four Acts Originally Produced Under the Title of Paradise Regained
William W Foulkrod (Late a Representative from Pennylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Sixty-First Congress Third Session Volume 2
Robert and Mary
Smile and Sing and Other Verses
William P Borland (Late a Representative from Missouri) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Fifth Congress Third Session March 2 1919 Volume 1
Twice Loved
Souvenir of the Battle of Manila Bay Philippine Islands May 1st 1898
Under Sailing Orders A Comedy in One Act
Special Report of the State Board of Education for the Scholastic Year Ending August 31 1883 Being the Ninth Report from the Department of Education of the State of Texas
Report of Executive Committee November 1 1917
Some Prominent Buildings in the Newer Boston
Poor Me a Comedy in Two Scenes
Souvenir Soldiers and Sailors of All Wars Reunion
Report of the Committee on Address
Report of Ogden Public School Survey Commission
The Praise of the Wrath of Man And the Rebuilding of the World Two Sermons
State of the Union Speech of Hon Garnett B Adrain of New Jersey in the House of Representatives January 15 1861 Volume 1
Protection and Regulation of the Seal Fisheries of Alaska
Rita the Rustic Maiden
Ryland a Comedy
Requiem Dedicated to the Memory of the Slain in Battle
Reminiscences Sketches of Confederate Times
Soul Poems
Punishment or Pardon Force or Freedom for the Wasted Land
Register of the Commandery of the State of Kansas to August 1st 1895
The Political Record of Hon S C Pomeroy as Shown by His Own Party Newspaper Press in Kansas and Other States Viz Leavenworth Times New York Tribune
Proceedings of a Masonic Festival in Commemoration of the Birth-Day of Washington And the Anniversary of Doric Lodge No 280 of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons Held on the Evening of February 22d 1855 at Their Hall
Schemes in Dirt A Sequel to Back Lot Schemes a Compendium of Unique Unusual and Novel Stunts in Getting Easy Profits from a Back Yard a City Lot or a Little Bit of Ground
Protest and Appeal in Re American Relief Action for Poland Filed with the Department of State of the United States of America
Poetical Efforts
Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln ?C by the Hon Richard S Field
The Ordinances and Resolutions of the Convention Held in the City of Austin 28th of January 1861
A Soldiers Story Prison Life and Other Incidents in the War of 1861-65
Catechism on Natural Gas
The Plan of Reform Proposed by Sir Francis Burdett Correctly Reported in Two Speeches Delivered
The High School Course in German
Catalogue of Le Sage Collection
A Poem Delivered at the Reunion of the Forty-Ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers

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